Sunny Side of the Dirt

Sometimes I hear that whiskey-voice crackle
choking on hardships of yesterday
steel-blue eyes cloud over with pain
memories tripping over regret
falling down a staircase of what could have been.

Cracked-red skin, draped over gnarled fingers
clutch a storied coffee cup
stained with conversations from years no one remembers
from days he can’t forget.

If I stare long enough, I see him across the table
in his jeans and cowboy shirt
I almost hear him laugh, see that silly smile
as we stroll on the sunny side of the dirt.

For These We Give Thanks 

I thought I had it figured out
I’s dotted, t’s crossed, cheques signed
tie straightened, shoes shined, shirt ironed
then you opened my eyes.

Somehow a few things fell through the cracks
I walked along a trail of humanity
no beginning and no end
people creating history before me
then you opened my eyes.

I wanted to give them thanks, for what they had done for me.

They came, they lived, they loved, they worked the fields
sweated tears that got lost in the soil they tilled
worked ‘til calluses bled, skin cracked, bellies ached with hunger
worried for their families
put clothes on their children’s backs, food in their tummies, hope in their hearts 
there for each other, for the community, for their county
they made a difference for you and me.

On this day, I sit with a roof over my head, food on the table,
family giving thanks with me
I will remember those who can’t join us around the table
those we loved, those we lost
I’ll have a place set for them,
around the table in my heart.

Before the Credits Roll

As thoughts bounce off the walls of time
My mind fumbles for a gear
The ticking clock fails to reassure me
For it’s time I have to fear

Not this second, not this minute
Nor this hour, nor this day
But when shadows cross the sands of time
No warning comes our way

My chemistry teacher used to warn us
Before the big test came
“Get your souls in order”
We knew this was no game

I’m searching for the textbook
To prepare for the exam
To take this life-long journey
To fulfill this life as man

Somewhere ‘neath the cobwebs
Of right and wrong and youth
Buried next to heart and soul
Are destiny and truth

Documented yesteryears,
Waiting for someone to see
One day my eyes open,
I realize, it’s me

I have no advice to give
For who am I to speak?
To question every answer,
To search, to find, to seek

At times I sit and ponder
Have I learned life’s lessons yet?
I think I’ll always wonder
‘Til I remember to forget

Forget the pain and sadness
The angst, the tears, the fear
Leave behind on your journey
 In the rear-view mirror

I stumble along the straight and narrow
I know I’ll fall again
But hopefully get back up once more
Before the credits roll, at the end
Music for One and All

“Stand fast, dear sir”, said judge to jester
“I’m afraid I must say, you’re under arrest sir
The melody you brought, to sing in your song
Assaulted the ears, was nothing but wrong!”

Jester cackled in the face of the law,
Made light of his shackles, He heckled and hawed
A fuddle-duddle court, the jester jests
Hellacious humor, to befuddle the guests

“Now, dear judge, I think I must speak
Your facts, are nothing but wrong
For notes on the staff were sung, clear to hear
Whilst jury sat, all day long!”

“Hear treasures I say!  Haft you no ears?
For angels soar in the breeze
Who are you to judge, melody from not
To hear not another’s needs?”

“Order I say”, says judge to jester
His gavel hammers the oak
“Where is the voice, of the common man?
For silence, is all he spoke!”

“Speak thy thought, share thy word
Or forever hold thy peace
Thy word is counted, one and all
His to hers to each”

Said jester hung his head in shame
Vanquished in blasphemous tears
For a song is not, his nor mine
T’is ours, to sing and hear

Gavel slammed down, Court adjourned,
For people have the thrall
To take a stance, For song and dance,
And music, for one and all
I'd Trade for Yesterday

The best sleep I ever had
Was lying close to you
Dreaming all your dreams
And wishing they’d come true

I watched the sunlight kiss your face
But sands of time gave way
The best sleep I’ll ever have
I’d trade for yesterday
Paddle in my Hands

My paddle dips into the peaceful calm
Caressed by autumn sunshine and cotton cumulus
A fine spray of droplets glistens like gold upon my skin
Is there no greater treasure?
Water below, sky above, afternoon breeze
A paddle in my hands

I felt your heartstrings last night,
I wrapped them around my heart, and for a fleeting moment
I found happiness
I strolled along your journey
Where rose petals fell like rain drops
Before you, after you, wherever your path led you

You lingered for a moment, touched my heart with your smile
Wrapped your heart strings around mine
Bathed my soul, with your memory

I felt your heart strings last night
They led me though a garden of glorious beauty   
Winding through the years,
Through every smile, every embrace that you graced us with
How you took the small simple things,
Touched them and brought joy to everyone
From the sweet song of the robin,
To the fragrance of a rose

How sweet your heartstrings were,
How lucky I was, to find them
In the dawn of the morning
Wrapped around my heart
One Fine Day

One fine day, if skies should turn to grey
When words can’t say, what we need to say
We will find a way, one fine day

One fine day, when life deals a card, that we can’t play
We will seek knowledge and understanding, come what may
One fine day

One fine day, hope will light our way
If life throws us a curve, we will be brave
We will have courage to face the day
One fine day

One fine day, if our time has come, to walk away,
We’ll smile the smile, that says, it’s okay
Remember how far we’ve come, and be proud to say
Tomorrow we have hope, because of today,
One fine day
To This Fine Young Man

Your Grandson graduated today
He stood tall and proud, much like you
He spoke with enthusiasm, ambition and vision
Much like you.

He has empathy, compassion and concern for his fellow man
Much like you
He is the man he is, because of family, like you.

How I hope you had a front row seat from Heaven,
To see how your love, encouragement and support
Gave rise to this fine young man today.

Greg Turlock Creative