"She is My Girl” and “Soul Toll on the Bay”, short story audio productions for Spruce Grove  Public Library DIAL A STORY 

"Alberta Travel: Staycations" articles and photos featuring the Crowsnest Pass and Jasper, Alberta.  (Pages 42-45) Published by ARTA News and Views Summer 2021 edition 

"Witness to Yesterday" photo essay published by High Shelf Press Issue XXXII, Pages 51-61

“From the Shadows of my Mind” photos published by Button Eye Review  

Photo prompt for “Screech Owl” by Josephine Pino, published by High Shelf Press, Issue XXXIII, Pages 86-87

“My First Car” magazine article published by AMA INSIDER

“For Those We Give Our Thanks” poem published by Parkland Poets

“Soul Toll on the Bay” & “Kiscally of New Delhi” published in Journeys Through Words Anthology  by Spruce Grove Public Library

“When the Bucket’s  Full” poem published by FCSS Stony Plain

“Clem and Alma’s” short story published by Soteira Press in Horror USA Texas

“Reunited” short story published by Calgary Library Short Edition

“Nature’s Front Row Seats” poem published by Parkland Poets Anthology III

“Beauty from the Underworld” poem /photo published by Tiny Seed Journal

“A Child Once More” photo/poem pairing, Parkland Poets, Alberta Culture 2020

“Hell or High Water” Pathway to Poetry, Parkland Poets, Alberta Culture 2020

“Prairie Survivors” photos published by High Shelf Press 

"Hightops in the Snow" available online​​​​​​​

“Four Pennies Short”, “The Right to Write” and “Before the Credits Roll” published by Canadian Stories

"Shutter Shy” and “One Fine Day” published by Polar Expressions

“Paddle in My Hands” published by Watermark Project

“Heartstrings” and photo for book cover published by Parkland Poets for Anthology II

“Soul Toll on the Bay” published by Sotiera Press
“Music for One and All” and “Left of Center” published by Canadian Poetry Institute

“Left of Center” published by STORGY MAGAZINE

“Hightops in the Snow” self-published novel

“The Right to Write” published by Parkland Poets Anthology
“A Work of Heart – Woven in the Willows” Self-published anthology of my short stories, poems and photos